Extreme temperature drop in China: from 40°C to 12°C was recorded in 24h

Extreme temperature drop in China: from 40°C to 12°C was recorded in 24h

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The last few days a severe heat wave had hitted China with maximum temperatures reaching 40-41°C in many areas. On Monday, Shanghai went through its hottest day in October in 150 years. The maximum temperature observed at the Xujiahui Weather Station reached 36°C. A new record was made in October for the city, breaking the previous one of 34°C on October 2 in 1984.

Weather historian Maximiliano Herrera described the October heat in China as “catastrophic and unprecedented” on Monday night. He wrote on Twitter: “40.9°C at Qingyang beat the national monthly heat record again, 12 provinces and 470 stations (including Shanghai) pulverized their records, in some cases even by 4°C-5°C and even above their September records. Mind-blowing heatwave.” This heat wave is coming after a severe heat wave which took place during August. A yellow alert was issued on Sunday for many regions including Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou and Chongqing, while an orange for drought for much of southern China.

After this severe heatwave, intense cold currents are bringing an extreme temperature drop which is more noticable from yesterday over the northern areas of China as some cities are experiencing a 25-28°C temperature drop in the last 24 hours! Hefei Station dropped from nearly 40°C to 12°C yesterday. The cold currents are spreading an intense temperature drop to most of China which will be more noticeable in the northern and central regions. This unusual temperature drop is bringing temperatures 10-15°C below normal.

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