Severe Mediterranean Heat Wave: Temperatures reaching 44-46°C, breaking possibly new records

Severe Mediterranean Heat Wave: Temperatures reaching 44-46°C, breaking possibly new records

Luglio 21, 2023 Off Di miometeo

From the first days of July a high pressure system has dominated the Mediterranean countries bringing temperatures 10-15°C more than normal to many areas, breaking records as the maximum temperatures exceeded in many areas the 45-47°C, especially in Sardinia. But what about the next few days? Is it going to persist and which countries will be the most affected?

Temperatures over 40-43°C during the weekend in parts of southern Italy and Greece. A temperature rise is expected in southern Italy and Greece over the weekend with high temperatures reaching in many areas of Sicily 43-45°C across the plains, while in Greece in the city centers temperatures will reach 40-43°C, or locally more across the plains; temperatures which will be a lot higher under the sun.

New heat wave from Monday from Sardegna towards the southern Balkans. New temperature rise is expected from Monday starting from Sardinia, moving eastwards towards southern Italy, Albania and Greece breaking probably new records. According to the latest data temperatures are predicted to reach 44-46°C in the plains of Sardinia (Ballao, Sestu, Senorbi, San Gavino Monreale), while 43-46°C or locally over in the plains of Sicily (Paterno, Catania, Misilmeri, Alcamo etc). Greece will also be affected by the severe heat wave between 26-28/07 bringing temperatures locally over 42-44°C with possible new records.

This summer we are experiencing an extended severe heat wave which will last until the end of July, while its duration lasts one month for many regions, with temperatures near 40°C every day in some regions, which makes it unusual. Over the past few years even if we had severe heat waves, they lasted only for a few days. Global warming is becoming more obvious every year.

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