Temperatures until 37°C and severe thunderstorms across the central and southern states

Temperatures until 37°C and severe thunderstorms across the central and southern states

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A heat wave, more representative of July, is bringing temperatures 15-25 degrees above normal across central and southern states of the USA. The last few days many cities have reached temperatures 35-37°C. Summer temperatures though are accompanied by severe thunderstorms that could produce large hail.

A high pressure system dominates the central and southern states of the USA, bringing summer earlier this year with temperatures reaching even 37°C locally.  Colorado Springs for the second time in five days reached 33°C, clearing the old record of 31°C which was set in 1961, while some parts of Nebraska were even warmer, reaching 37°C on Wednesday which was 26 degrees higher than normal. The heat wave has also affected the northern states of America, with Chicago experiencing 32°C on Wednesday, being the first day of the year with such a high temperature breaking the daily record of 32°C, which was set in 1982, in more detail, these high temperatures can begin after mid June.

Today, central and southern states will reach 33-37°C, with Texas,Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana to be the most affected states.The heat wave will also affect southeastern Canada with temperatures reaching 25-30°C in many cities. Today, Ottawa will reach 30°C, while Monreal 29°C.

During the next few days, a temperature rise is expected to spread northeastwards towards Canada. Today, the eastern cities of Ontario will reach 14-18C, while on Saturday the temperature is expected to reach even 25-29°C.The southern states will continue to have high temperatures over the next few days with temperatures reaching locally even 38-41°C next week, with the highest temperatures across Texas, Oklahoma and Luissiana.

Severe thunderstorms are also expected across the central and southern states. The thunderstorms are expected to be intense the next few days across Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Thunderstorms locally severe are expected also across the eastern coast, due to a low pressure system that affects the regions.

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