Weather conditions across Europe for Labor Day 1/05

Weather conditions across Europe for Labor Day 1/05

Aprile 28, 2022 Off Di miometeo

A low pressure system from the Atlantic Ocean is heading east towards the UK bringing heavy rain at places on the weekend, while scattered showers or local thunderstorms are expected across Italy and the Balkans.

Mostly dry with sunny spells will be the weather in Iberia and France as high pressure is building up, while some isolated showers are expected over the mountains during the afternoon. Temperature rise is expected with maximum temperatures reaching locally 25-28°C in southern regions of Iberia.

A low pressure system from the Atlantic Ocean will head east towards the British Isles on the weekend bringing a band of cloud and rain, turning heavy over Ireland and Scotland on Saturday, while over Wales on Labor’s Day. The low pressure system will be accompanied by strong winds with gusts reaching 60-70 km/h  locally over Scotland and Ireland. A decrease in temperature is expected with maximum values reaching 11-13°C.

Variable weather is expected on Labor’s Day across Italy, the Alps, southern Germany and the Balkans with a few sunny spells and scattered showers or isolated thunderstorms mainly over the mountains, as cold air masses are heading southeastwards creating local instability. A 2-3°C temperature decrease is expected mostly across the northern regions.

Dry and sunny spells are expected across southern Scandinavia and the Low Countries, with maximum temperatures reaching 14°C in Stockholm on Labor’s Day and 12°C in Amsterdam and Brussels.

Mostly dry with sunny spells across much of eastern Europe, but isolated showers or thunderstorms are expected over the mountains.

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