Weather in Europe: Temperatures above 8-10C above normal next week

Weather in Europe: Temperatures above 8-10C above normal next week

Marzo 17, 2023 Off Di miometeo

Over the last few days temperatures above normal were noticed in many countries around the world especially in Iberia, France, northern and southern Africa and Australia. Last week temperatures in many cities in Spain were over 25C, while in many cities were reported over 30C, breaking new records for the month of March.

Already many countries in Europe are experiencing the spring spells due to a high pressure system that is dominating across the Mediterranean Sea and is expected until central-eastern Europe. Next week the high pressure system will continue to dominate southern Europe and parts of central and eastern, northeastern Europe, bringing a temperature rise with temperatures 8-10C above normal.

In more detail, the system will bring temperatures peaks that we usually see a month later. For example, in the middle of the week Germany and France will experience maximum temperatures until 18-22C, while locally in southwestern France we are expecting temperatures even higher than 23-24C. Hungary and the Balkans are expecting temperatures over 20C with picks of 23-24C. Italy will also experience a temperature rise with maximum temperatures reaching locally 20-23C. Even parts of northeastern Europe will reach temperatures of 17-19C. Spain at the end of the week is expecting temperatures that will reach locally 25-28 across the southern and southeastern parts while the peaks could be higher reaching 30C.

At the end of the week temperature drop is expected from the northwest as cold air masses are approaching bringing also showers.

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